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Hello volunteers,

Recently we've seen a change in the types of help that people request through the Covid19 support website. People living in our area need direct and immediate assistance to purchase items like diapers and food, or to pay rent or utility bills. We commonly share lists of resources with them, which simply prolongs their searches. We believe that in some circumstances, we might be able to help get them the cash (or fund gift cards) that they need to provide more immediate relief.

We'd like to try something new. For requestors who live in our service area (Central district to Rainier Valley), we will post the request to volunteers and ask for direct donations to that person's Venmo or PayPal account. A number of small amounts, even $10 or $20, can add up and really make a difference for requestors. If the requestor doesn't have a Venmo or PayPal account, then one of us on the steering committee will use our own and fund a gift card.

The Homer Harris Hub COVID-19 Support team does not determine the legitimacy of such requests. We rely on the goodwill of both requestors and donors in our response to fulfilling requests.

To keep track of donations, we'll ask that you let us know how much you sent. We'll set a target dollar amount for each person.

We have a requestor right now who would like our help. Here is the request that Sara sent in to the website:

“I am a mother of 3 who has been homeless for almost 1 yr. I just recently received my King county section 8 voucher & FINALLY found & moved into a home...but I lost most of our belongings in storage a few months ago so we are in need of basically everything from food, to clothing, to hygiene needs, to furniture, to cookware...& my youngest child is 1 yr old female & she needs all baby essentials. Both my boys are 3 & 5 yrs old...& they are in the process of getting inrolled into school so I'm in need of school supplies & clothing etc. Honestly not sure if I am asking for to much help but if anyone is able to help in any way. I would greatly appreciate everything. Thank you so much. -Sara”

If you would like to help, please send Sara a donation through PayPal, then let us know how much you donated so we can keep track. We'd like to reach $250 for this neighbor. Sara's PayPal email is:

Please note that PayPal does not charge a fee for transferring money provided it comes from a bank account or PayPal balance.

If you decide to donate, please let us know so we can keep tabs on the amounts. Send an email to

Thank you in advance, volunteers.


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