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Many thanks to our volunteer Jim Lasersohn for writing this post and for the great work he does!

When the COVID-19 crisis started, I was on a sabbatical type of leave from work. The plan during this time included some local and foreign travel as well as serving as the director for a summer open water swim event. Of course all those plans were set aside by late March and after a couple of weeks I started looking for things I could do to help in some way during this crisis but also following social distancing guidelines. Finding these opportunities was not easy at first. Many organizations were overwhelmed with volunteer availability.

The HomerHarris Hub COVID-19 Support group helped fill that gap and I liked that many of these opportunities were not far from home. I recall filling out a quick survey of ways I could help. As opportunities came up I would get an email describing the opportunity with instructions on how to contact the organization. I am helping two organizations through HomerHarris Hub: Backpack Brigade and Byrd Barr Place food bank.

For Backpack Brigade, I transport food bank bags from a food bank in the Central District to either the Backpack Brigade warehouse or Seattle School district offices in SoDo. It typically takes less than an hour. I have learned that I can fit over 30 bags of food bank grocery bags in my car and I get plenty of help loading and unloading too.

For Byrd Barr Place food bank, I help them in two ways now. I drive to a local grocery store at a designated day/time each week to collect grocery items they aren’t going to sell to be donated to the food bank. Originally we thought I might do this with my own car but I now drive their van so I can fit all the donations. It’s a surprising amount of stuff and typically takes me 1 -1.5 hours from start to finish which includes weighing in all the donations. I also periodically transport stuff to/from the Byrd Barr Place and a non-profit farm in Woodinville that I also volunteer. I am glad that my car trip to/from the farm can have a second benefit.

Both of these organizations I have volunteered for have made a big point about how thankful they are for my contributions. I have learned that genuine appreciation really inspires me to continue my work.


  • John, inspiring to read your story and thank you!

    HomerHarrisHub "(about 1 year ago)"
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